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City Projects

Claremont City Projects

Current as of May 5th, 2020
Below is the current status of the project currently proposed or underway.  Please note that all completion dates are tentative and are highly dependent on weather conditions. 

Current Projects

Citywide Asphalt and or concrete repairs - The following locations are showing current work orders open for asphalt, and or concrete repairs from previous work on water lines, water meter installs, or sewer repairs. The Public Services Staff will be focusing on these repairs in-between other projects. Our goal is to get as many of them completed as possible over the next 60 days.
Asphalt & Concrete Repairs

Olde Savannah Sidewalk Replacement - Replacement of any trip hazards, or broken concrete sections.
Savanah Lane Sidewalk Replacement

Citywide Asphalt Coring - 
Public Services is starting the process of going over the roads listed in the survey as fair, poor, and very poor, and taking core samples to measure the depth of asphalt, and check to see if the roads have any adequate road base below. Cloninger Drive, Willard Street, Byrd Street, East Calvin Street, and School Street. After this process is complete, we will be compiling a list of roads in the FY 2020/21 budget year to bid for asphalt repair and resurfacing. We will then look forward to future budget years to address the remainder of the City roads.
Asphalt Coring Sample

City Wide Crack Sealing -  In 2018/19 the City of Claremont conducted a Pavement & Sidewalk Condition Survey, which is the first step in a complete approach to improving, upgrading and preserving the city streets and sidewalks here in Claremont. The survey prioritized streets and sidewalks within the City based on condition and made recommendations for future capital expenditures for each. City Council has directed the City Manager and staff to begin a capital improvement program based on this survey with the intention of bringing all City streets and sidewalks to up to standard within the next several years. Based on that survey, the Public Services Department has begun Phase I of the updating process. The City will begin in the next few weeks crack sealing the following roads: Frazier Drive, Dogwood Drive, Grace Street, Genelia Drive, Hursey Ave, Huffman Street, Lawrence Street, Oak Street, West Calvin Street, Anderson Street, North Church Street, Pine Street, and Peachtree Street Ext. The current list of roads to be crack sealed total approximately 3.5 miles of roadway (out of a total of 9.58 citywide) and we will be crack sealing a total of approximately 26,000 linear feet of street. Crack sealing will help with protecting the longevity of the pavement listed as good, and very good. The idea is that the sealing process will ensure these are maintained while the City begins to work on the lower rated streets. You will see workers in these areas in the next several weeks.
Crack Sealing

City Hall/ City Park Improvement Project -
Movement has been slowed based on the COVID-19 issues both within the construction industry and permitting entities, but we are moving forward. Our contractor, Brushy Mountain Builders, has been in contact and further work will be seen both in the City Hall parking lot and at the City Park basketball courts in the next few weeks. Both projects are due to be completed no later than June 3rd

City Hall Parking Lot and Pavilion

City Hall Parking Lot & Pavilion Plan

CMAQ Sidewalk Project-
The project consists of the construction of approximately 2,780 SY of 5’ wide sidewalk including the removal of existing curb and gutter and replacement with new depressed curb, wheelchair ramps, 860 Feet of concrete curb and gutter, removal and replacement of existing driveways for the installation of the new sidewalk including the removal and replacement of existing drives necessary to insure a smooth transition to the new sidewalk, provision of additional fill material, if needed, to maintain appropriate longitudinal and cross  slopes on the new sidewalk, provision of storm sewer where shown on the drawing, grading, sediment and erosion control, seeding, clean-up and all other items necessary for a complete installation at the following locations.

  1. East Calvin Street
  2. School Street
  3. Yount Street
  4. Bethlehem Drive
  5. South Depot Street

CMAQ Sidewalks

CMAQ Sidewalk Project Plans

Future Projects

Claremont City Park Renovation(pending on PARTF GRANT approval) - improvements to Claremont City Park have been informed by the preceding analysis, extensive public input conducted for the City’s 2013 System-wide Parks Plan, and a recent Quality of Life survey conducted by the City. The park is well-used by the community as a place for gathering and passive recreation. The below recommendations seek to enhance the park’s existing features and wooded aesthetic, improving the park’s recreational value. New features will be scattered around the park to avoid grading large areas and to maintain the wooded, natural feel.

PARTF GRANT: The North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) is a state funded grant program for land acquisition and development of parks. PARTF is the primary source of funding to build and renovate facilities in the state parks as well as to buy land for new and existing parks. The PARTF program provides dollar-for-dollar grants to local governments. Recipients use the grants to acquire land and/or to develop park and recreational projects that serve the general public.
City Park Master

Claremont City Park Master Plan

Project Scope:

These projects are considered Phase I and should be pursued as soon as possible. The City plans to apply for a Parks & Recreation Trust Fund grant in the spring of 2020 to fund these improvements. If the project is not funded in the first grant cycle, the City can submit it again in future years (and consider including longer-term elements with additional annual parks funds.
New playgrounds; Updates to existing playgrounds. Due to deterioration and safety issues, it is recommended that the existing playground equipment be replaced with new equipment for various age ranges. New playground areas should be installed targeting the 8-12-year-old age group and the 8 & under age group.
New shelter to serve playground area. The existing shelter at the stage area is faced away from the proposed 8-12 playground. A new shelter should be installed that has visibility of this playground.
Sand volleyball court. A designated volleyball court should be sited in the level area at the center of the park, behind the existing amphitheater. This court will be within visibility of the new 8-12 year old playground and picnic shelter.
New connection pathway. A new 600 LF pathway through the center of the existing loop trail will provide graded walking access to the amphitheater, the new playground and shelter, and the sand volleyball court. This will provide a level surface to those who would like to walk but cannot handle the steep existing path.
Improvements to existing walking trail. Existing asphalt path should be strategically patched and resurfaced to improve user experience and safety.
Dog park. Public input indicates a desire for a small dog park area. This should be located on the existing level area near the parking and restrooms. In this location, a water line could easily be run to supply drinking water. When this occurs, the City should replace the existing 1/2” water service line with a 2” line to improve flow in the restrooms and drinking fountains.
Upgrade water service. The restroom facility is currently served by an undersized water line, which runs into the park from East Main Street. This ½” service line should be replaced with a 2” service line to improve water flow and increase pressure. Approximately 200 linear feet of service line should be replaced by a contractor or public works staff. A licensed plumber will need to connect the new line to the restroom building.

Completed Projects


Sidewalk replacement N. Depot St.

BGA Drive Paving Project

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