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Our History
Settlers came to the part of Catawba County known now as Claremont in the early 1800s. It has been reported that the land sold for fifty cents an acre. The area became a settlement in 1801. 1908 Depot City of Claremont

The Settlement was first called "Charlotte Crossing". The Federal Post Office Department did not approve of the similarity with the Town of Charlotte, so the villages name was shortened to just"Crossing". Some people called the village "Setzer’s Depot." The Southern Railroad urged the people of the village to give their village a name.

The men agreed and took the name of "Clare" and added, "mount" to it. The "mount" was added because the village from the old Catawba Road side looked high as a mountain. On August 8, 1892 the town was officially called Claremont and listed this way by the United States Post Office Department and also by Southern Railroad.

Today, Claremont is a highly diverse community with three public parks, a wide variety of housing opportunities, retail and office buildings and a multinational industrial park. The City has one interchange on Interstate 40, and is transected by US Highway 70, and a main branch of Norfolk Southern rail line giving the city multiple transportation outlets.

The corporate limits of Claremont currently encompass 2.6 square miles with a total planning jurisdiction of 6.8 square miles. In 2010, the City had a growing population of 1,352 residents.

3288 East Main Street | P.O. Box 446 |  Claremont, NC 28610
Phone: 828-466-7255  |  Fax: 828-466-7185
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