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Claremont Plans for Large Infrastructure Project
Posted on Friday July 07, 2017
The following article was published in the May edition of the Claremont Courier.

The Claremont Courier - May, 2017 Volume 11 Issue 5 

Claremont plans for large infrastructure project

CLAREMONT – The City of Claremont recently announced its intention to proceed with a large wastewater system infrastructure project. According to Claremont City Manager, Catherine Renbarger, the city is reaching its per day capacity at both wastewater treatment plants. This will be one of the largest infrastructure projects the city has undertaken, and early projections say the cost could be between $5 and $11 million. “The North Wastewater Treatment Plant can handle 100,000 gallons per day, and we are seeing around 75,000 gallons per day running through the plant. In addition, the McLin Wastewater Treatment Plant can handle 300,000 gallons per day, and it is seeing over 150,000 gallons run through it per day,” Renbarger stated. “Once the plants reach capacity the city really won’t be able to grow. The state will not permit additional industries or residential areas to connect to our system. In addition, the city would face fines and penalties from the state if a solution is not found in the near future. When the plants reach 80 percent of capacity, the city must begin planning for the design of a system expansion or a future plan for wastewater treatment,” Renbarger said. The city is already working towards a solution for the problem, and recently received a $50,000 grant from the NC Department of Environmental Quality to perform an analysis on the future treatment of the city’s wastewater. “We are looking several options including the possibility of expanding the McLin Plant, or partnering with the City of Conover, City of Newton, and/or the City of Hickory to help treat a portion of our wastewater,” Renbarger stated. Renbarger is confident a solution will be found very soon, however, she acknowledges that it will most likely have a financial impact on the city’s water and sewer customers. “Regardless of the outcome, this project will require a significant financial investment to upgrade our plant or build the necessary infrastructure to connect our system to another municipalities system. We are currently exploring all grant opportunities, and state and federal loan programs as we near the start of this project. This project is going to cost millions, and one impact on city water and sewer customers could be a proposed water and sewer rate increase when the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budget is approved. We will continue to update our water and sewer customers on this project, and the financial implications it has on the city as we move forward” For more information or questions, call Claremont City Manager, Catherine Renbarger at 466-7255, or e-mail to

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